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First, there was boredom.

Then in 1990, came Batmud. And Batmud was fun. But Batmud was a flower mud. Deaths were irrelevant. Mortals whining to arches about every little conflict with other mortals. And occasionally arches even responding to the whines. Exp and eq was plentiful. Life was good.

Now, after 12 years of happy happy joy joy mudding, Mr. nice Batmud is over. Deaths are PERMANENT! Arches will NOT listen to your lame whining! Your ass WILL be kicked by monsters and other players! It will NOT be fun, but pure pain and frustration! HARDCORE Batmud, not for an insignificant coward like you!

From the original news posting in early 21st century. Hardcore Batmud is a permadeath version of Batmud. It's based on an older version before continents, weapons speeds and other new fun improvements. HC features fast (sometimes very boring) exp grind, no bg limitations, powerful characters and improved eq, but at the cost of permament death.

The game is open at hcbat.bat.org 23.