Horsehead mountain

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Also known as Horsehead, Inra [area], Malitrius, Mali
General description: A big area with lots of newbie/midbie equipment and midbie/highbie exp monsters. Horsehead includes the level quest 69, The horsehead mountain. Best known as the home of Inra.
Location on Rothikgen: Northeastern part, on a mountainside, southeast from Stonehenge. No scenic location.
Difficulty: Varies, but mostly very high as solo and mid- to high in parties. Dangerous area if you're not familiar with it, lots of nasty surprises. Newbies should probably stay away, unless they have a big party.
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Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)
Other information: More info about the area can be found at Malitrius' homepage.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A She-wolf trying to protect her prey 7k
A Valheru's personal Horndemon is trying to catch you 102k - 132k demon
A evil shadow is lurking here 55k - 68k shadow evil
A female dwarf taking a shower 7k - 8.3k
A ghoul minion of the dragon is looking leprous (undead) 45k
A hairy creature looking for a female 716
A hairy creature searching the ground for food 266
A hairy creature that is starving 267
A hairy creature trying to eat you 1k
A huge wormlike shape dripping acid 26k
A large deformed troll called 'Black Dynamite' 60k Troll evil
A little brown foal 228
A skeleton butler (undead) Skeleton
A strange ball of glowing light known as the 'Will o' the wisp' (undead) 41k
A ugly lich king summoned by Inra (undead) 92k lich evil
A very old oak called Treeulf
A wolf eating on his moose 6k
A wolf trying to keep the crows away from his moose 15k
An ogre sergeant from the 'Nnrack' clan Ogre
An ogre sergeant from the 'Vrralach Nonth' clan 19k
An orc hunter looking furious. 6k
An orc that likes killing elf children for breakfast. 8.3k - 10k
Arathrua the bone dragon is leeching the world from power (undead) 505k monster
Arzoon Krauger's naughty horndemon, keeper of the citadel 114k demon
Big beaver with a dangerous tail 57k
Bregalad the Black's huge horndemon is imprisoned in the pentagram 150k - 162k
Bregalad the black twisted Valheru magician 360k valar
Brodda the orc husband 25k
Crying orc baby 279
Dalar the hunter 31k
Death incarnate, the dread (undead) 56k - 77k Dread evil
Death knight dressed in armour of an ancient form (undead) 41k
Dirty power Mummy created by Inra (undead) 227k - 282k mummy
Drerax the dirty vampire 192k - 243k vampire
Gilgoth the werewolf monk has gone crazy 128k
Gilgoth the young monk seems to have lost his faith
Inra the valheru god (unholy) 727k - 851k god
Jondar the hunter 3k
Judas the traveler of thousands worlds is here meditating 200k - 800k valar
Jurgen the monk is here looking wearied
Jurgen the werewolf monk has lost his sense 109k
Kramer the toolmaker 2k - 47k (level randoms)
Krauger the Valheru Timelord Master 228k
Kurgan the valheru blademaster 382k - 473k Valar
Lagduf the smelling orc 141 - 182k orc
Laingan the perverted Valheru jailer 186k - 231k valar
Lariane the queen of the sprites sits here on her throne 204k
Mamut the shaman 20k
Morrat the ogre slaver 74k - 96k
N'rach, Inra's evil horndemon, got acid dripping from his jaws 144k
Nathan the defender 4k human
Nennie the leader's wife 2k - 40k (level randoms)
Njorn the werewolf monk wants to eat you 125k
Noria the member of the mammoth hearth 1k
Orc leader bodyguard. 19k - 22k Orc
Orc sentry 4.8k - 5.1k Orc
Orc weaponsmith apprentice looking dumb 8.4k - 9.3k Orc
Orgasmatron, Armageddons best friend 234k god
Rydag the leader of the clan 'Bofroch' 238k Orc
Snootling armed with The Hammer 1k - 2.1k
Snootling armed with a fork 1k - 1.5k
Snootling armed with a kitchen knife 2k
Snootling armed with a wrench 2.5k
Snootling armed with scissors 1.9k
T the snootling 16k
Talot the ancient evil tree 139k
Tamen the big leader of the lion camp 143k
The Mighty Mug-Ur of the orc clan 'Bofroch' 182k - 187k
The boil-covered wife of Brodda, Dryrifa 12k
The hugest mammal you ever seen, the Mammoth 80k
The ogre wife doesnt seem to be happy 44k
The orc weaponsmith Ranec 40k - 50k
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