Huge bronze spear

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huge bronze spear <red glow>
This weapon is definitely of cyclops make. The haft is a long pole made from beaten bronze, polished and reflective. At the end is a wide, rounded head made from a cut and carved chunk of granite. Two small flanges stick out from the base of the spear head to act as barbs. A couple of dirty red rags are tied about the other end to help the grip.
Weapon type: pike
Stats: none
It looks Very heavy (14.5 kg)
Sacvalue: 141k - 151k
It is called spear and identified as 'huge spear', 'bronze spear', 'cyclops spear' and 'pike'.
Made of bronze
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Trilloch's zoo
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown