Huge flaming red crystal shield

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The shield is huge and it burns with crimson flames. It is so huge, that only largest giants can probably use it effectively. An average human can hide fully behind the cover of the shield and remain standing - it is that big. It's transparent material allows the fighter to continue tracking his opponent even while he is behind the shield.
Shield type: Full shield
Stats: +8 str, +greatly fire resistance
It looks Heavy (4.320 kg)
Sacvalue: 2310k - 2650k
It is called Shield of Thanatos and identified as 'full', 'shield', 'shield of thanatos', 'thanatos' shield', 'crystal shield', 'flaming shield' and 'flaming crystal shield'.
Made of: laen
Size: medium-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Thanatos, Secret Jungle
Other info: Heft data:

Size 50, Str 179: Huge flaming red crystal shield is pushing the limits of what you can wield in a single hand.
Size 55, Str 191: You could wield huge flaming red crystal shield in one hand if you tried, but it would be awkward and unbalanced.