Iron mine

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General description:
Location on Laenor: Eastern part
Coder: Ggr
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:
History: Ggr's first area, opened to the public on Mon Feb 20 2012.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A dwarf, on his way back to Tyr Farwyn 20k dwarf
A dwarven guard, protecting the tunnels from intruders 31k dwarf
A dwarven guard wearing mystical robes 39k dwarf
A farmer, returning from Tyr Farwyn 18k human
A mechamagical golem pulling the mine cart around 65k
A muscular dwarven guard, guarding the mine entrance 31k dwarf
A robust dwarven guard protecting the gate 41k dwarf
A sleepy-looking dwarven guard 37k dwarf
A travelling lizardman is passing through here 30k lizardman
An well-armoured dwarven guard 37k dwarf
Angus Guyver the dwarven tinkerer 86k
Darrol Half-plow the master miner 89k
Elrohir Anarion, an elven merchant 55k elf
Idrilith, daughter of Elrohir looks unhappy 408 (fight like 40-40k mob) elf
K'hon the greater lizardman is standing here 70k lizardman
Neera Lightweaver the elven cartographer 128k - 133k elf