King Eowyn's Land

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Also known as Eowyn, Knights & dragons
General description:
Location on Rothikgen:
Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Party recommended, unless you are a solo machine and know the area.
Coder: Zin
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A HUGE black dragon hurls fire in the darkness 68k evil
A black fox hides on the bushes 7.7k fox yes
A demonic ghoul 15k evil
A fearless blue dragon puffs chilling flames 34k good
A fluffy bunny hops around rabbit no
A fuzzy bunny hops around 1.8k
A gray fox hides on the bushes 2.7k yes
A green guardian dragon glimmers magically 61k evil
A huge black ant 6.2k yes
A large green tortoise 6.7k
A large greenish tortoise tortoise no
A large grey pigeon dozes on the ground 5.5k
A large muddy tortoise 4.9k
A large spotty tortoise 4.6k
A large white pigeon dozes on the ground 5.4k
A mole furiously digging a hole 6.9k
A moose standing calmly 6.4k
A puffy bunny hops around 3.1k no
A rabid wild-boar 4.3k -6.2k yes
A red fox hides on the bushes 5.2k
A ruffled bunny hops around 2.1k no
A scared bunny hops around 2.2k
A tiny ant 4.5k ant no
A tremendous eight headed hydra lurking at the swamp 139k - 146k monster
A winged dragon floats on the air 32k a bit good
A woodpecker hammering an old oak with its beak 4.7k - 5.6k no
A yellow swamp snake 5.3k
Advisor rilor 22k
An evil spirit haunts here 35k
An immense bone dragon risen from the dead (undead) 53k
An orange swamp snake 7.7k
An owl stares intensively at you 6.9k
Anne the beautiful forest ranger 51k good
Cherlindia the old Witch is chanting here 43k - 46k good
King Eowyn paces around impatiently human
Princess Daisy the daughter of Eowyn human