Knobbed oak staff

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This staff is heavier at one end than the other. The heavy end is darker wood, filled with knotholes, and carved like a scepter with a knob at the end. However the other end tapers off, becoming thinner and lighter in colour. It may serve as a walking stick, or possibly a weapon if you become desperate.
Armour type: Staff
Stats: +track & +special
It looks Light weight (1.550 kg)
Sacvalue: 5100 - 5490
It is called staff and identified as 'staff', 'oak staff', 'knobbed staff' and 'walking stick'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: oak
Size: small
Quality: flawed
From: Aboleth,Wildspace
Other info: Try the syntax 'raise <this>' or 'alter <this> to <list>'. 'alter' requires you have name on the staff to use.