Midnight Carnival

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Also known as Carnival
General description: Nice area with some newbie-midbie friendly exp as well as midbie-lowbie friendly eqmonster.
Location on Desolathya: (missing location)
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: Natasha Converted by Hablo
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area:

To Carnival          The Carnival
    1                  O-----O 
    O                 /       \ 
    |                O         O
    O                |         |
     \               |  2-O    O
      O              |   /|   /
      |              O>>  O--O
   O--O--O                |
   |  |  |                1
   |  |  |
   O--O--O            To Town
     /                   |
    O                    O
   /                     |
  O                   O--O--C
  |                   |     |
  E                   O--O--O
                     /   |
                 O--O    O
                           O--2 To Carnival

The Town
              / \ 
          O--O   O
          |  |   |
       O--O--O   O
       |  |  |   |
    O--O--O--O  To Castle
O   O   O       To Town
 \  |  /         |
  O O O       O--O--O           E = Entrance
   \|/        |  |  |         1-2 = Transition between areas
    E         O--O--O           C = Cave
              |  |  |          >> = One-way only
Other information: Trivia: Midnight Carnival is based on the book The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A councilman sits at the table 487 - 531 human
A guard from Hagsgate 5.6k - 6.0k
A hummingbird is here humming softly 527 no
A lonely cow is here chewing the cud 2.6k no
A man at arms, guarding the gate 4.6k - 5.7k
A peasant, watching the meeting closely 1.7k - 2.3k human
A young man, selling tickets for the show 592 - 1.9k neutral no
Elli the Old Age sits here, smiling wickedly 15k - 32k human no
Jack Jingly, a famous thief 17k human
King Haggard, wandering around his castle 24k
Lady Amalthea, staring at the sea 10k no
Mayor of the town sits here 14k human
Prince Lir defending Lady Amalthea 30k yes
Rukh stands here, showing you the way around 3.6k human no
Schmendrick the Magician 25k no
The Red Bull rampaging around Doesn't give a kill, but fights like a ~200k monster.
The harpy Celaeno sits here on an oaken perch 52k - 65k monster