Mithil stonedown

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Also known as Mithil, Stone village
General description:
Location on Laenor:
Coders: Seance, Entropy
Size (in rooms): >40
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A goat that looks lost. 1k goat a bit good n
A small stonedowner child plays here 1.5k human a bit good n
A starving mule is tethered here donkey a bit good
A stonedowner woman is kneeling here, collecting water 3.5k human good
A wise, weeping pixie stands here pixie a bit good
Acence knits with thin needles of stone 3k human good
An ornery mule struggles a bit donkey a bit good
Barney the Dog is lying in the shade 4.5k dog a bit good
Etienne is worried about his goats 2k human good
Gaward the hunter slinks through the woods 3k human good
Imoiran is making dinner 7k human good
Lena is muttering to herself 2.7k elf a bit good
Murrin is working on a new stone bowl 8k human
Odana walks around wringing her hands 9k human
One-eyed Jack doesn't look as if he has moved in years. 10k a bit good
Quirrel is lounging around the house. 8k human a bit good n
Slen is cooking in the kitchen. 8k human a bit good
Stefan, Gravelingas of Mithil Stonedown 14k
Terass is a member of the circle of elders. 8k human good
Tomal is making a small sculpture 8k human good no
Triock paces around here in a fervor. 10k human good n
Yerquin sits and sharpens his spear. 14k human a bit good n