Nasty-looking adamantium waraxe

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nasty-looking adamantium waraxe <red glow>
This axe has a handle and head crafted from flawless adamantium. The head has a single long, curving, crescent blade with a razor's edge. A sharp spike emerges from the top of the axe. A pattern of decorative wavy patterns are enameled into the head.
Stats: +alcohol tolerance
It looks Heavy (8.8 kg)
Sacvalue: 64.7k
It is called: 'axe', 'adamantium waraxe', 'nasty axe', 'nasty waraxe', 'nasty-looking axe', 'nasty-looking waraxe' and 'battleaxe'.
Made of: adamantium
Size: smallish
Quality: sterling
From: Steelarm Farmountain, dwarven warlord, Mirror mine