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Also known as Forest of Ndoki
General description: Home of LQ81: Ndoki forest.
Location on Furnachia: (missing location)
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: Cyberman
Size (in rooms): >50
Map of the area:
   |  |  |  |           |  |
   O--O--O--O           O--O
   |  |  |  |           |  |
E--O--O--O--O           O--O
   |  |  |  |              |             E = Entrance
   O--O--O--O              O             C = Cave

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A GIGANTIC scorpion is here 92k
A baby scorpion is here 13k
A big aurchon is snorting here 50k - 60k
A big monkey is acting tough 3.6k - 4.6k
A big neandertal guard 178k
A deadly looking white tiger 16k
A guard is watching the door here 48k - 56k
A huge crocodile is looking for something to eat 3.5k
A massive mammoth is blocking your way 39k - 67k
A native is here, hunting for food 8.4k
A native is picking some fruits here 2.8k
A native priest is here performing some ritual
A red eyed triceratops is here 112k - 205k
A silver-back gorilla is showing his teeth here 32k - 33k
A vicious looking baboon 16k
A vicious sable-tooth cat is here 32k - 46k
A young and playful monkey 249
An adult and not so playful monkey is here 1.1k
An impressive native guards the entrance' 7.2k - 9.1k
An ugly and disgusting overgrown cockroach 2k
Armiel, the chief of the guards 182k
Burundanga Guantalamera, Chief Whore of Bantu 247k human
Ervool, Master of Zyll's Elite Forces 179k - 243k
Idi, Grand Master of Bantu 381k human
Mokele Membee, the last dinosaur 391k
The Evil Knight of Light and Thunder looms above you (undead) 306k monster
The King of all Baboons, ugly and stupid 182k
The Mother of all Cockroaches is here, proud and virtuous 23k
The native lord is here praying 16k
Zoraya 406k
Zyll, Supreme Master of Ndoki and Sorcerer Extraordinarie 1028k human