Necronomicon ex mortes (book)

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This ancient skin covered volume has an outline of a human face on its cover.

This is the book of the dead.
It contains a tale;
Legend has it, that this book was written by the dark ones; strange and hideous creatures that walked before the days of man. It served as a passageway to the worlds of the dead. It's name, spoken only in silent whispers by those who dared; NECRONOMICON EX MORTES. Roughly translated ...

The Book of the Dead.

Some say the book possessed the power to travel to move through time. Yes, the Book held many Evil secrets of Life, Death, and the realm beyond Death. The Book of the Dead had been destroyed many times... but it would always return...

Armour type: tome
Stats: +max spr & +special
It looks A bit heavy (3,2 kg)
Sacvalue: 576k
It is called necronomicon ex mortes and identified as 'necronomicon', 'book', 'book of dead', 'book of the dead' and 'tome'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: iron
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: In Kech Lektar's chamber, Ancient tower