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Also known as OBC
General description: Home of the notorious donut eating Zombie cops.
Location on Laenor: Arelium library
Difficulty: The undead in OBC are moderately difficult. A small lowbie party can handle the Old Catacombs. Most rooms can be explored solo by a low level or weak character.
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms): 90 +
Map of the area:
History: The central square of BatMUD two iterations ago transmogrified
Other information: Not to be confused with Batcity, the shade of the second iteration. The area contains a cameo from the original AberMUD game, the room "humpbacked bridge."

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A HUGE minotaur is looking for adventurers to eat 10k range yes
A begging ghost (undead) 0.4k - 0.5k
A boyish lamp-ghoul (glowing) (undead) 1.3k - 1.5k monster
A drunk paladin with a broken neck (undead) 3.7k - 6.1k monster
A moldering, drunken zombie (undead) 3.9k
A robust, ghastly weaponsmith (undead) 4.5k - 18k monster a bit good
A sparkling dragon ~15k no
An ancient shade of the first armourer (undead) 145k - 153k monster
An ancient zombie clerk (undead) 3.1k
An old, dead, useless guard (undead) 4.5k - 5.6k monster
Ghost of Go-Player (undead) 3.0k - 3.9k
Leo the Archmummy (undead) 28k - 39k monster
Old BatCity
The gangrene grocer (undead) 11k - 21k monster
Zombie-cop (undead) 0.3k - 3.5k monster evil