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The Galfang's School of Mercenaries
Str: 97 Dex: 54 Con: 104
Int: 47 Wis: 47 Size: 88
Skill max: 78% Skill cost: 53,3%
Spell max: 68% Spell cost: 100,0%
Exp rate: 77
Ogres are a race of large-sized, strong humanoids. They are quite capable of facing natural hazards and wounds. They are not very bright though. The closest ogres get to genius is when they cook a genius of an another race. This happens very rarely though because the stupidness of ogres lets a succesful genius fool his way out of their stewing pot. All ogres aren't that evil though. And most of the more adventurous ogres tend to care for their smaller friends. There are many succesful adventuring bands that have enlisted a friendly and helpful ogre as their battering ram.