Old and worn arm protectors

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These leather arm protectors are worn and weatherbeaten, and you wonder why someone ever bothered to wear these - you are sure that you could buy better ones from any merchant in the Bat City market, with mere couple of gold coins. However, someone must have worn these often, since they are so battered and worn-out.
It contains a tale;
These bracers are blessed with many spells and enchantments, and it is said that whoever wears these will become a skilled and wise leader, in war as well as in peace.
Armour type: bracers
Stats: +4 wis & +2 dex
It looks light weight (1.685 kg)
Sacvalue: 110k - 126k
It is called Bracers of Leadership and identified as 'bracers of leadership', 'protectors', 'arm protectors', 'protector' and 'bracers'
It takes the following slots: Arm & Arm
Made of: leather
Size: somewhat small
Quality: poor
From: Eirik Buckthorn, the chieftain of the region