Pelitar the old retired village wizard

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Quite a small, frail-looking man, Pelitar weighs barely 100 pounds, but there is an undeniable magical strength to the mage. Beneath the hooded, mottled-colored robes he always wears, the mages withered skin seems stretched over naught but bones; however, his slow, deliberate movements, monotonousvoice, and hollow features disguise a very dangerous man. He has sunken eyes, a penetrating stare, and a few tufts of scraggly white hair still cling to his scalp. None knows Pelitar's true age.
Pelitar's equipment:

Cloak: a brown cloak of protection

Wielded in right claw: an oak staff

Spells: Destroy armour, Destroy weapon
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Norse village
Alignment: good
Race: human
Exp worth: Missing exp worth