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Players are able to found their own cities. There is a room in Arelium which helps you to start to found your own city. After you have founded the city, you should get all the needed help from your city rooms, this help is just a brief list of things that you may need to know.

  • in every city room you can use command 'cityhelp' to see what you can do in that room. If you receive a typo message from 'cityhelp', you are not able to do anything special in that room.
  • all city rooms are able to save their contents
  • cities consist of 7 x 7 room blocks. All initial rooms are on ground level, but rooms can also be built underground or on top of other rooms. One city can contain more than one block. New blocks may be added to city afterwards, they don't have to be built at one time
  • player city related bug reports, questions ideas and comments should be directed to Gront and/or Tomba


If you found a player city, choose the place carefully. If a city is built to a place in which it disturbs other players, prevents entering an area or anything else that has non-wanted effects, it may be removed.

Your city must be placed in one of the habitable continents, ask around for more info about this.

Also choose the name carefully. If the name offends an arch or is in some way stupid or not appropriate, your city will be removed.

Using guards to trap or kill unsuspecting players that enter to your city from outworld is prohibited. In practise this means, that you are not allowed to place aggressive guards to the entrance rooms (guards that are only hostile against specific players are not considered aggressive) of your city, nor are you allowed to use them to block every exit from those rooms. However, you may (naturally) use guards to block the further access to the city. Also player killing by summoning players to your city guards is prohibited.

Summoning other players to player cities with hostile intentions is forbidden. If you want to pkill, do it somewhere else.

See list of player cities.