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Also known as The Lost Pyramid, Ancient Pyramid
General description: A generally nasty place, filled mostly with undeads of varied sizes and difficulty. There are also traps, and many of the nasties block and track. There are two major eq monsters, Medusa and Z'ragore, though the latter currently (as of August 2011) has no eq. Several smaller mobs also have stat items, though much less interesting ones.
Location on Lucentium: Northern Lucentium, in the desert.
Difficulty: Definitely not for newbies. Bigger midbie parties (6-9 man), or highbies (3-9). Nerves of steel recommended for some of the opponents, and carefulness due to the nasty traps.
Coder: Zin
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A demonic wraith emits evil magic (undead) 108k evil
A fat mummy (undead) 52k evil
A foul mummy (undead) 30k evil
A fragile skeleton (undead) 11k - 12k evil
A mighty archmummy glowing black (undead) 128k evil
A mighty archmummy glowing red (undead) 107k evil
A mighty archmummy glowing yellow (undead) 157k evil
A minor lich (undead) evil
A phantom beast (undead) 14k evil
A rotten zombie (undead) 9.3k - 10k evil
A royal mummy leers evilly (undead) 39k - 72k evil
A scaled medusa with a paralyzing gaze (undead) 502k monster yes
A skeleton warrior (undead) 14k - 20k evil
A stiff mummy (undead) 41k evil
A vampire lord risen from the grave (undead) 92k - 131k evil
A wicked skeleton (undead) 7k evil
An evil lich (undead) 23k evil
Yarxz the mad lich lord screams for blood (undead) 132k evil
Z'ragore the evil pharaoh