Reaver's catacombs

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General description: (missing description)
Location on Furnachia: Rilynt'tar
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: Firefox
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A Bright Red Fire Dragon is flaming the air here 163k - 282k dragon
A Fairy Princess of far away lands is crying here 1k - 2k
A Green Dragon is here protecting the Catacombs 62k - 108k dragon no
A HUGE Fire Giant guards here 6k - 9k Giant
A MONSTROUS Ice giant guards here 169k - 212k giant
A Reaver animal handler is here 280
A Reaver slave is cleaning here. 444
A baby Silver Dragon is being tortured here 8.4k dragon
A battered and beaten Holy Man named Fister 18k - 63k human no
A black demon, straight from hell, guards here 115k - 129k Demon
A dread Jabberwocky is imprisoned here. 4k - 7k
A fairy creature, imprisoned here by the Reavers. 2k
A feroucious Ice Dragon is breathing frost here 132k - 156k Dragon
A heavenly Planetar, servant to the higher realms 108k - 148k planetar
A hideous Black Dragon spits acid here 137k - 140k Dragon
A horrible looking Mummy is rotting here (undead) 63k
A huge slave is slouching here. 1k
A knight of the order of the light and good 3k
A massive Blue Dragon breathes lightning here 90k - 111k Dragon
A nasty Wyvern is patrolling here 35k - 37k
A nasty little bedbug 15k
A poor old lady is here, looking for her cane. 735
A pretty big slave is cleaning here 1k
A reaver guard is here looking for intruders. 5k - 6k human
A reaver servant is here, grinning destructively. 3k
A small crying child, obviously kidnapped by the Reaver Guild.
A tortured Unicorn is standing here. 12k
A wing-clipped Pegasus wimpers here 12k
Balthas, the Reaver's High Priest of EVIL 5.6k - 13k
Decideroum the Reavers Necromancer 13k - 38k human
Maximus the torturer is torturing here. 7.2k
The King of good dragons, Truyishom 289k - 384k
The MASSIVE Guardian Demon of Reddist stands here 331k - 416k demon