Redfang mask of the bear

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Redfang Mask of the Bear
This wooden mask looks like it was carved by a low-tech, nature-loving people. The quality seems very high, as if someone spent days working on every single detail. It is carved to look like a snarling bear, with lifelike detail, except for the fangs all being blood-red.
It contains a tale;
This mask was awarded to those who killed the Doomflower in the Redfang Event of 2010.
Stats: +10 Str, +10 Enhance criticals, +5 Throw weight
It looks almost weightless (0.005 kg)
Sacvalue: 3469200
It is called: It is called bear mask and identified as 'mask', 'redfang mask' and 'mask of the bear'.
Made of: wood
Size: extremely small
Quality: divine
From: Redfang Event of 2010
Other info: The mask is indestructible.