Robes of time

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Level: 28 Difficulty: not very hard Creator: Perin

In a cruel twist of fate the life of young Dumas ended. When the god Perin saw this event unfolding, he knew that he could not let this tragic event transpire without divine intervention.

Perin took the dying form of Dumas and stripped it of all its worldly garments. Around the crushed, naked form Perin forced stones to rise from the ground, creating a huge megalithic structure that would forever mark the grave of a great young man.

Perin then took the almost lifeless body and encased it in stone, creating a statue to honor the now sainted Dumas.

From the garments Perin used godly magic to intertwine the forces of time and nature to create robes that would teach the lesson that Saint Dumas had to teach. To honor the dead, collect all of the robes of time and offer them to the statue of Saint Dumas.