Rostok Thunderfist, dwarven guardian of the sacred grounds

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Rostok Thunderfist himself, fabled warrior - brutal barbarian. A former elite soldier of the crimson brigade, his combat sense is first-rate. He, however, did not care for authority and was finally thrown out of the brigade after he threw an axe in his commander's forehead over a dispute. Years he ravaged the countryside, taking whatever he wanted slaughtering those who opposed him. He was deemed a barbarian and joined the tribe who saw the world as he did. Now nearly seven decades with the barbarian tribe, he holds the uppermost respect of his fellow barbarians.
Rostok Thunderfist's equipment:

Both arms: tungsten bracers

Both feet: dragonscale boots

Both legs: adamantium leggings

Bracelets: electrum bracelets

Neck: an amethyst necklace

Torso: a titanium breastplate

Wielded in left hand: a mithril maul

Wielded in right hand: an emerald great axe

Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Barbarian guild
Alignment: neutral
Race: dwarf
Exp worth: Missing exp worth