Sawtooth the assassin's dagger

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Sawtooth the assassin's dagger <red glow>
This single-edged...ok that's a lie. The dagger has only one sharp side, but that side is ridged with dozens of backwards-curving barbed teeth. Therefore it has many edges. The tip of the dagger twists slightly in a short spiral, which, when combined with the teeth, would inflict horrible wounds on anyone stabbed with it.
Weapon type: dirk
Stats: +7 Dex & "It has magical powers that will assist in silent killing."
It looks light (~1 kg)
Sacvalue: 759k
It is called dagger and identified as 'sawtooth', 'sawtooth the assassin's dagger', 'assassin's dagger', 'adamantium dagger', 'jagged-edged dagger' and 'dirk'
Made of adamantium
Size: very small
Quality: great
From: Shinarae's book mob
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown