Scorpion the poisonous polearm

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Scorpion the poisonous polearm <red glow>
This polearm looks like a long spear with a wide, jagged point. A set of four spikes eminate from the back of the polearm's head, sticking straight out from the shaft of the weapon. Just below these spikes is a small hatch that opens into a small hollow spot in the weapon. While this does not seem to harm the weapon or reduce its strength, it seems like an odd thing to have. It is too small to hold much.
Weapon type: halberd
Stats: +special
It looks Heavy (6.4 kg)
Sacvalue: 646k
It is called polearm and identified as 'scorpion', 'scorpion the poisonous polearm', 'halberd', 'long spear', 'spiked polearm', 'grey-green polearm' and 'long polearm'.
Made of 60% mahogany, 40% highsteel
Size: Missing size
Quality: good
From: Shinarae's book mob
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Gains power when fed with mandrake.