Sharp razor edged steel sabre

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Sharp razor edged steel sabre <chilling> <red glow>
The blade of the sabre feels ice cold, and the same time it feels like it burns your skin intensively. The edge of the shining steel blade is razor edged and painfully sharp. Leather strappings that are bound on the hilt of the sword are darkened and worn by the age. This weapon must be truly ancient.
Weapon type: Sabre
Stats: +Cold damage
It looks Missing weight category (3.7000 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called razor edged sabre and identified as 'sabre', 'steel sabre' and 'sharp sabre'.
Made of steel
Size: Missing size
Quality: inferior
From: Wight guard, Slopes of Blackteeth mountains
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown