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General description:
Location on Lucentium:
Coder: Superelak
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A chunky pearl mussel, minding its own business 66k - 84k clam neutral
A mackerel, swimming around with its shoal 1.8k - 3.2k mackerel
A moray, preparing its next attack 59k moray neutral
A perch, swimming around with its shoal 2.6k - 5.7k perch
A well camouflaged stonefish, the most venomous of its kind 91k stonefish neutral
Alandia, the member of merfolk is swimming about 570 (fights like a ~40k mob) merfolk
Limas Tondh, still at work in the caboose (undead) 58k human evil
The spirit of Azer Singh, shackled in the prison (undead) 112k human
The spirit of Kourish Singh, the thirteenth ruler of the Clan (undead) 540k - 617k human
The spirit of a loyal guardsman of the clan Singh (undead) 90k - 95k evil
The spirit of a soldier of the clan Singh is repairing something here (undead) 46k human evil
The spirit of a watchman of the clan Singh, patrolling the bridge (undead) human