Silver battlesuit

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Level: 70 Difficulty: Very hard Creator: Digga

A century ago, Nibor the paladin went to rid Digga's realm of the evil demon, Raztax who had been creating a vast army of undead. He destroyed much of the army because his god given armor, the Silver Battlesuit, protected him. Unfortunately, Raztax killed Nibor in their terrible duel and the final spell broke the armor into seven pieces, and each was scattered in the surrounding countryside. Raztax was hurt so terribly he had to rest for decades to gain his strength back to try once again to become overlord of all the realms. Today, the city of Raven has been built on the site of the legendary battle. Raven, along with many other areas of the world is having a lot of trouble with evil influences...the world needs a new champion! What is a champion without a suit of magical armor, right? Your quest is to find all seven pieces of the Silver Battlesuit and discover the one person who can restore it to its former glory!