Silvery amazon boots

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The boots are decorated with feather ornaments. They are made of silver-adamantium compound and so they are very resilient to damage. The feathers of the boots cover the leg to half length of thigh. The feathers don't have even one scratch on them.
Armour type: boots
Stats: +5% martial arts
It looks A bit heavy (3.6 kg)
Sacvalue: 146k
It is called silvery boots and identified as 'boots', 'silvery amazon boots', 'silver boots' and 'amazon boots'.
It takes the following slots: Foot & Foot
Made of: adamantium
Size: somewhat small
Quality: great
From: Random Amazon council member, Misty forest
Other info: Pelissä on myös Silvery amazon bootseja joissa ei ole +5 ma:ta joten katso description oikeaksi jos olet ostamassa.