Sleeves of moomin emulsion

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The sleeves are made from a leathery, and quite rubbery, material. They are blue in color and have small metallic rivets down the length of them. The inside is a lovely cream color. Lengthy straps and buckles ensure a nice snug fit when wearing them.
It contains a tale;
The magic of the moominhide sleeves can be attributed to harvesting the emulsion when the moomin is at a very young age. Once they pass into maturity, the moomin is strong enough magically to prevent the magic from staying within its skin when it dies. Each sleeve requires at least four young moomin to sacrifice their lives. They must be killed under a waxing crescent moon in the middle of winter by an evil priest with an unholy sacrificial dagger.
Armour type: sleeves
Stats: +7 wis & +5% conceal spellcasting
It looks light weight (1.0 kg)
Sacvalue: 404k
It is called moominhide sleeves and identified as 'sleeves', 'moomin sleeves' and 'moomin skin'.
It takes the following slots: Arm & Arm
Made of: emulsion
Size: small
Quality: shoddy
From: A massive iron statue has come to life
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