Small crystal box

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Small crystal box (empty)
This small box has no lid. There is a coin slot on the side, which does not seem to go anywhere. A strange, very dim buzzing sound comes from the box.
It contains a tale;
This is a magic transport box. It can jump to any player in the world, carrying its contents with it. Or, it can return to your place and await pickup. It should be noted that misuse of the box might cause you the loss of it or its contents, so be careful with this item.
Usage: transport <player> 
       transport home 
Costs 1000 gold per use.
Stats: none
It looks Heavy (4.210 kg)
Sacvalue: 300
It is called: box and identified as 'transport box', 'crystal box' and 'small box'
Made of: crystal
Size: big
Quality: flawed
From: Orc Samurai
Other info: Can be used to transport items as described.
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