Small meadow

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General description: Seemingly small area with several secrets, and many insider-jokes. Contains several tributes to well-known current and past BatMUD players. Originally coded by Kyo, with some later enhancements by Darol.
Location on Laenor: Between Newbie Playground and Farmhouse, west from the player city Orion.
Difficulty: Everything between some monsters for solo newbies and extremely hard mobs for topend 9man parties.
Coders: Kyo, Darol
Size (in rooms): +++67
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A grey wolf is sneaking around, looking for easy prey 5k - 9k
A huge foaming brown bear with eyes blazing in hatred 197k yes
A muscular goblin jailer is grinning wickedly 131k
A muscular seven-arsed monkey is dozing here 31k
A sturdy goblin soldier is cautiously patrolling the street 71k
Commanding General of the goblins, J'ou Ghya 219k
Dulpers, the grumpy kobold engineer 20k - 23k kobold no
Eunuchian, the short kobold chieftain 119k (a lot exp) kobold evil no
G'naa'Byeh, the fallen demon Emperor of the Twilight (undead) ~1m evil yes
Koy, the bald and vengeful, kobold wizard kobold neutral no
Majestical white unicorn with blue eyes shining with intelligence and determination ~500k
Muscular goblin guard is staring at you cautiously 184k
Naked goblin priest Kuzmu is speaking in tongues 159k no
R'ami, well oiled chief woodcutter and masseur extraordinaire 165k (? exp), 194k - 195k (a lot exp) human no
Zunko, the bald one-handed barsoomian is eating grass here 11k barsoomian no