Snickersnack the battle axe

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Snickersnack the battle axe <red glow>
The handle of this axe is ebony, with studs of highsteel along its length. The wide double-blade is also highsteel, with an edge that looks sharp enough to slice hairs lengthwise. The dwarven rune for the number two is branded on the blade, for some strange reason.
It contains a tale;
This is Snickersnack, the battle axe. It has been enchanted to cut foes in two parts.
Weapon type: Battleaxe
Stats: +2 str & +reaving
It looks light (5.5 kg)
Sacvalue: 516k
It is called axe and identified as 'battleaxe', 'battle axe', 'highsteel battleaxe',

'highsteel battle axe', 'snickersnack' and 'snickersnack the battle axe'.

Made of 35% ebony, 65% highsteel
Size: smallish
Quality: superb
From: A huge, glowing white bear stands here (crippled) (undead)
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Black-handled battle axe until identified