Spark, the claw of fire

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Spark, the claw of fire <strongly burning> <red glow>
This beautiful weapon looks like a flame that has taken the form of a dagger. That might be exactly what it is, since it seems like inside the smooth glass-like surface solid, greedy fire is dancing.
Weapon type: dagger
Stats: ++fire damage, aura of blackness, +fire resistance & - divine cold resistance
It looks very light weight (0.050 kg)
Sacvalue: 348k - 773k
It is called spark and identified as 'dagger', 'spark' and 'claw'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: fire
Size: very small
Quality: poor - flawed
From: Nosractik in Pauper's
Other info: The more sac value, the more fire ress. Evil wield.