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All spells use spell points when they are cast. You can see the number of spell points needed for a certain spell by reading the help on that spell. The spells that are available to you depend on your guild and what you have studied. The phase of the moon affects your chance of casting spells and the spell point cost.

Spells are cast using the 'cast' command. The format is:

cast name of spell [at target]


cast 'name of spell' [target]

You can use which ever format you prefer. Some examples:

cast magic missile at rat
cast 'magic missile' rat
cast create food

You can see what spells you know by typing:

show spells

You can also use 'me' as a valid target. For example:

cast cure light wounds at me

You can see all spells in game by typing:

show spells all

To interrupt a spell you are casting type:

cast stop

To see what you are casting type:

cast info

To get help on a certain spell you use the following format:

help spell name of spell

For example:

help spell magic missile