Spiked glaive with long oak haft

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spiked glaive with long oak haft <red glow>
This polearm has a long haft of solid, treated oak, ending at a narrow, triangular highsteel head. At the joining of the haft and the head, three forwards-pointing spikes jut out from the weapon, allowing the polearm to do serious damage if driven in deeply enough.
Weapon type: glaive
Stats: none
It looks Heavy (4.664 kg)
Sacvalue: 130k
It is called polearm and identified as 'glaive', 'oak glaive', 'hightsteel glaive' and 'spiked glaive'.
Made of oak
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Kestro Volaris, Wildspace
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown