Steed of tzarakk

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Steed of tzarakk info from help file
No saving throw
Spell duration: 3 rounds
Type of spell: Neutral
Affecting stats: wis
Cast type: chaos
Spell point cost: -
Spell words: 'sanatagras teceah'
This spell summons an beastial demonic steed from the planes of Tzarakk. The Lord of Chaos can tame the steed and use it as a mount, but the creature refuses to obey orders from anybody else but its summoner.
List of things that enhance or grant access to this spell:

General Information

Your steed will start out weak as an anorexic pony or anorexic donkey or something along those lines. It will advance steadily in both adjective, e.g. anorexic to shakey, and animal type e.g. pony to camel. You can check the status of your mount by looking at it. It will have two glows, one on the mane and the other around the body. These glows will go from 0% to 100% and may flip more than once before an outward change of adjective or creature type happens.

An example steed progression is as follows (with the bonus to skills):

  • Anorexic pony
  • Feebly pony
  • Feeble camel
  • Shakey camel
  • Shakey zebra - +7
  • Solid zebra - +10
  • Solid horse
  • Muscular horse - +12
  • Muscular unicorn
  • ...
  • Wildly flaming chimera - +25
  • Nightmare/Abomination - +28

To make your steed grow in power feed it corpses via the 'tzarakk chaosfeed corpse' command. You can only take souls from corpses that you got exp for.

The following skills are affected by mount reputation (note: some of these may be affected due to the mount reputation affecting mastery of mounted combat/combat riding):

Attack, Combat riding, Dismount, Dodge, Harvest soul, Mastery of mounted combat, Parry, Polearms, Rampage, Riposte, Shield bash, Throw weight

If you are not mounted, you do not get these bonuses. It is believed that the maximum bonus to most skills is 28% with polearms having a maximum bonus of 7%.

Riding also allows you to wield larger weapons.


Your chaos steed can be healed with normal healing spells like cure light wounds or by using Harvest soul. It will also heal to full when it ticks over past 100% on its mane or body glow.


Your steed can be fitted with saddlebags which must match its animal type, e.g. you need horse saddlebags for a horse. The typical recommendation is to get them made out of nullium so that they shed darkness and you can regen while in spawn form. Steeds cannot use other mount equipment such as saddles without having "tentacle of squid" trophy. If you banish your steed before boot it will have its saddlebags when you summon it again. If boot dests your steed then everything on it will go bye bye.


If your steed dies it will drop its saddlebags (if any) and will have to be re-summoned in the outworld. It will appear with very low HP (5%?).


Skill list and some other details were liberated from Rigger's guide on the forums.