Tan backpack with many pockets

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This backpack is mostly made of silk, with a layer of waterproof canvas on the exposed back and pockets. It has adjustable straps for comfort and fit, and looks like it can hold a lot.
Armour type: Missing type
Stats: +6 Dex (+8 Dex, highbie) (+8 Dex, Ultra-highbie)
It looks It is almost weightless (1.500 kg)
Sacvalue: 0
It is called 'backpack','pack', 'salesman pack' and 'backpack with many pockets
It takes the following slot: Rig
Made of: made of 80% silk, 20% hemp
Size: huge
Quality: perfect
From: Secretary Fingledrell, humanoid resources director
Other info: Improves MIP ratio 50k amount (500k amount highbie) (unlimited amount ultra highbie)