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General description: A lizard-infested homeplace for AQ free tarackia that is ruled by Tyranicus Karakurt. Recommended for midbie+ parties. Most of the monsters are instantly aggressive for nuns.
Location on Desolathya: (missing location)
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A beautiful woman stands vigil 52k - 108k evil
A giant ant lion 26k
A giant scorpion 29k
A huge sandworm 52k
Aarakocran Black-Tooth of the elite guard 376k
Acreiden Si'antag is lecturing his fellow thrikhren here 50k - 63k thrikhren evil
An enraged rat 12k
Ancalagon Scartooth the last challenge 202k - 314k lizardman evil
Bessy Jane human
Catellan Spikedtail is here training for battle 25k - 44k
Donakkis Rapidbite of the elite guard 154k
Fealock Longtow the polearm master 53k - 68k evil
Foulornis Hirtusax prays here 35k - 81k thrikhren evil
Graazz Manslayer of the elite guard 158k
Grimlok Klackon the bludgeon master 50k - 62k evil
Growlf Silverfang is here training for battle 32k - 71k evil
Gwanskivit SplitClaw prays here 40k - 50k thrikhren
Jagga Yellow-Eyesis is lecturing his fellow thrikhren here 88k - 106k thrikhren evil
Jonathan Stalker human
Kazzen Scarface patrols here 31k lizardman evil
Krakenclaw the Mighty God of Thunder 588k - 897k thrikhren evil
Krakon Divolgon the axe master 49k - 59k evil
Maizan Flamefang is here training for battle 35k - 62k evil
Mangore Lockjaw patrols here 23k lizardman evil
Nrrgaah Nightfinger is lecturing his fellow thrikhren here 66k - 82k thrikhren evil
Putrah Loosescale patrols here 13k lizardman evil
Rotahunt the Confessor 1058k - 1120k demon
Sartaag Nezertr prays here 30k
Scala Natook the sword master 45k - 69k evil
Shezar Ripclaw of the elite guard 259k
Shinzhe Longtail is here harassing travelers 6k - 16k lizardman evil
Sierteeg Ragnaroc prays here 46k
Slizard Demonclaw of the elite guard 159k
Sslith Headbanger is here blocking entrance to see Tyrancius 286 - 409k
Stier Bloodclaw is here training for battle 40k - 71k evil
Stormclap the highpriest 335k - 447k evil
Stormsurge the highpriest 313k - 481k evil
Stracca Rabidfang is here blocking entrance to see Tyrancius 214 - 344k
Tallon Mangleclaw rests here 37k
Thornn Sharpscale is here training for battle 27k - 34k evil yes
Tyranicus Karakurt the king of the lizard men ~1m lizardman