Tears of laesa

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Area Difficulty Creator
N/A Challenging Heidel
Find the secret locations, explore the wilds and emerge victorious! Good luck!

Find the secret locations:

There are a few secret locations hidden on the continents. You may try wandering for one or, more reliably, try the randomly found maps. X marks the spot!

Explore the wilds:

Each of the secret locations contains a small area. At the end of each area, there is a Tear of Laesa, or a piece of fulgurite if you prefer the more mundane name.

Emerge victorious:

To complete the quest, visit all the different kind of areas, and be victorious in reaching the treasure first, or at least be a member of the party doing so.

Good luck:

Don't despair! This quest will likely take for a while to complete. May the goddess Laesa smile... err.. weep upon you!