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the great shield of Heavenly Legion with emblem of majestic Unicorn
A majestic unicorn representing the unerring sense of justice of the Templar Order greets all who lay their eyes upon this massive great shield. The eyes of the carving seem almost alive, judging those near it, deeming their inner worth. The shield itself is surprisingly light considering its size, crafted with the legendary proves of Vico, making it a true masterpiece.
Shield type: Full shield
Stats: random
It looks light (1.0 kg)
Sacvalue: 0
It is called shield, forged shield, templar shield, full
Made of: darksteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: standard
From: Templar guild

Commands for templar shield:

 templar shield <option>

Shield options:

 call           - Start using your forged shield.
 revoke         - Stop using your forged shield.

In the Templar guild smithy, Aldreda can create a shield for you. The shield is useable once you have 70% righteousness or more. The shield can be upgraded and imbued with bonuses.

You ask Aldreda about shield.

Aldreda says 'I am master shieldsmith of the guild. It is my duty to equip the soldiers of the faith with the shields to match their conviction. I can forge you a shield of unparallelled quality. The 'process' of shield forging can be time consuming but well worth the effort.' Aldreda says 'The shield is gift from our Maker, and as such it can be summoned only by those who has the required faith and high enough virtue of righteousness.'

You ask Aldreda about process.

Aldreda says 'Shield crafting is a time consuming process which includes two different aspects. Firstly one can increase the 'tier' of the shield by incorporating the shield with soul in remorse of certain wicked foes. Secondly one can try to craft 'powers' to shield, empowering it beyond your wildest dreams. I can craft your shield with 'new' power, 'remove' one of the existing ones or 'upgrade' the shields tier if you so wish.'

You ask Aldreda about power.

Aldreda says 'Shields can be empowered with powers via crafting. powers are attributes which the shield can hold and the bearer of the shield gains these attributes to themselves. For example shield can increase bearers wisdom or give bearer better ability to use congregation of virtue. Shield can only hold powers which are at the same tier than the shield. The most powerful and rares of powers can only be obtained with great chance to shields of legendary quality.'

You ask Aldreda about upgrade.

Aldreda says 'I need some materials from you before I can start working on your shield. Upgrading the shield to next tier is time consuming process as well as it is burden to your assets. I need the following materials in order to proceed with forging: Total of 200 mithril to please, ehrm.. Gods. Total of 10000 grams of bronze metal to add to shields structure. And one soul in remorse from tier 1 foe. '

You ask Aldreda about foes.

Aldreda says 'There are number of different foes which helps you progress your shield further and further. Through years of testing I have come to conclusion that at least foes named Listar and Satan has 'soul' powerful enough to be used in upgrading shield to uncommon quality. More powerful souls like of Moreods, Lears and Killusias can be used when upgrading to rare quality. Epic quality shield requires foe named Moratar Cain or Corruptor and final step is to provide soul in remorse of G'naa'Byeh, the fallen demon Emperor of the Twilight.'

You ask Aldreda about new.

Aldreda says 'It seems you don't have all the required items at hand. I need 300 mithril coins to uphold the forge and imbue the shield, atop of that I need 3 kg of darksteel for the forging and around 2 liters of refined water for cooling process. After that only thing is for you to show your conviction on the shield and pray for your God to grant your shield her blessing.'

Note 1: your heavenly halo of holy power (aka conviction) needs to be over 30% in order to get new powers to your shield. Getting an enchantment will also deduct 30% from your halo. The halo will cap at 200% and will diminish at around 1% per hour.
Note 2: A power will not get it's full power until you have 100% righteousness. It will gradually build up to it's full potential as you gain righteousness.
Note 3: Which power you get and how strong it is is very random. It will look like this:
[U] [*******---] Increase damage attribute by incredible amount.
Where [U] for Uncommon states how rare the power is. It can also be [R]are, [E]pic or [L]egendary. The stars indicate how powerful it is (7/10).
Note 4: You can put one new power per upgrade level of the shield.
Note 5: Aldreda can remove a power from your shield. This process will remove a random power. Getting a specific rare imba power will likely be a frustrating reroll process. Getting several specific rare powers will be extremely difficult.

Non upgraded shield ID:

the great shield of Heavenly Legion with emblem of majestic Unicorn <red glow>
It is called shield and identified as 'shield', 'forged shield', 'templar shield' and 'full'.
It takes the following slots: held.
It does poor damage per hit.
It has been in the game for 53min and 35s. It is almost weightless, somewhat small, in good condition, it's BRAND NEW, made of darksteel, worth 0 gold and of standard quality. The weapon skill to best use this in combat is shield bash.

Non upgraded shield Arms lore:

It does poor damage per hit.
It is about 1 kg.
It is somewhat small.
It is made entirely of darksteel.
It is of standard quality.
This weapon practically guides itself.
This weapon strikes like a sledgehammer.
Weapon Grade: 36.1
This is a good weapon, and will do its job well.