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Use this template when adding new NPC's to the game.

Copy & Paste

{{ NPC
| name = 
| description = 
| eqs = 
| race = 
| undead = 
| alignment = 
| area = 
| spell = 
| spell#
| skill = 
| skill#
| exp = 
| gender
| aggro
| other


Fields & Instructions how to fill 'em.
name  : Fill with what you see when targeting/scanning the NPC. The full short description, the one you see when entering room, is used as article name.
description  : Fill with all what you see when looking at it before seeing its shape.
eqs  : What seen after '<name>'s equipment:' line when looking at NPC. Include also in what slot it is. For multiple items, separate them with a empty newline.
race  : Gained trough detect race or study creature. Guessing can also work in some cases since race is an universal handle for NPCs (eg. if "look at ogre" works, it probably is an ogre), but try to avoid guessing if there's even a slight chance it might be incorrect, for example a monster that looks like an ogre according to its desc might as well be of "monster" race etc.
undead  : Fill if the NPC is undead. Almost every NPC that has "(undead)" after its short description is one. Also note that some NPC's are undeads even if they are not members of typical undead races.
alignment  : Gained by either casting detect aligment or jesters trivia on the NPC or using study creature on it.
area  : Where the NPC is located. Use area names provided by batclient/bat.org maps.
spell  : Fill with "none" if it does not cast any spells, otherwise with the spells name it casts. If not sure, leave blank. If multiple spells, add second spell to spell2 field, third to spell3 and so on.
skill  : Same as with spells above.
exp  :

The exp worth of monster, from 'party kills' if possible. If editing an existing article and the exp worth is already marked, please be consistent in the way marking it with common sense added, just mark the exp range with "adequate" accuracy, e.g. "93 - 181", "1.6 - 3.3k", "54 - 83k" or "934k - 1.28m". Like said, let's use common sense. Important: If possible, consider the NPC and include the exp tune consider in the text.


|exp = Exp worth: 1.4k - 1.9k (almost no exp)
|exp = Exp worth: 24k - 34k (very little exp), 60k (average exp), 103k - 111k (a lot exp)

You can mix them too with old style:

|exp = 16k - 20k (above average exp), 44k (unknown tune), 55k (a lot exp)

The main point is that it's important the text is consistent, so it is much easier to read and lines up prettily in possible exported lists in other pages that may use them.

Global Abuse Protection  : If the NPC has Global Abuse Protection, fill this field with how long the prot is in days.
Personal Abuse Protection  : If the NPC has Personal Abuse Protection, fill this field with how long the prot is in days.
gender  : Male, female or neuter? Leave blank if unknown. Shorthands m, f and n can be used.
aggro  : Is the NPC aggressive? fill with y or yes if so, n or no if not. If unsure, leave blank.
other  : If anything other important, use this field.
kerbholz  : If the NPC is a kerbholz quest target, fill this field with anything. (Note: this is unlisted in the copy/paste template since all kerbholz quest mobs are already in batwiki --Nuane 11:29, 19 September 2012 (EEST))