The Demilich Ogaitnas Iuqnarf (undead)

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An ugly skull with glowing eye sockets over a pile of bone dust, it is all that is left of Ogaitnas Iuqnarf, once the Master of Sorcery. He decided power was not enough unless you were able to keep it forever, and turned himself into this terrible life form, so he could rule the world forever. But other guildmembers were able to imprison him, and since then he waits here for the end of the world, or a chance to escape and rule it...
Ogaitnas Iuqnarf's equipment:

Crown of intellectual

Spells: wither flesh, poison, lava storm, vacuum globe, shield of protection, imprisonment, entropy, forget, poison cloud
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: Missing exp worth