The Flametongue, lash of hellfire

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The Flametongue, lash of hellfire <burning> <red glow>
The whip of Kizarwexius looks like a giant snake surrounded by flames. The handle is made of the hardest bone on earth--a mortal's skull. Thousands of small links have been woven to the end of the skull-handle forming the deadly lash. The links are of pure adamantium and they look unbreakable. Dark red flames slither forth from inside the links and form mesmerizing patterns before your eyes. This is the Flametongue, the fleshburner, the scream-maker--and it's yearning for BLOOD!
Weapon type: whip
Stats: +fire damage & +6 dex
It looks A bit heavy (3.5 kg)
Sacvalue: ~177k
It is called Flametongue and identified as 'whip', 'flametongue', 'fleshburner', 'scream-maker', 'screammaker', 'lash of hellfire' and 'lash'
Made of iron
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Kizarwexius, Lonely mountain
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown