The Great Sun Sword of Apollo

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The Great Sun Sword of Apollo <red glow>
This sword once belonged to Apollo, the god of the Sun. It is a magnificent blade! The grip is made of solid ruby, and the blade itself is made of some unknown shiny red metal. It has a nasty head pummeler on the bottom of the grip, which is razor sharp. However, when there is lack of sunlight, it tends to lose its glow and sparkle. If you wanted to, you could probably 'expose' the blade to the sun, in order to show off its full beauty.
Weapon type: bastard sword
Stats: +fire damage
It looks Heavy (5.919 kg)
Sacvalue: 421-438k
It is called sword of apollo and identified as 'sword', 'blade' and 'bastard'
Made of adamantium
Size: Missing size
Quality: poor
From: Hera, Castle brantis
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown