The Ranger Sword

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The Ranger Sword <red glow>
This slender bastard sword is made of pure silver. The blade has an extremely sharp edge. On the pommel of the sword is an engraving of a bear. This is sword of Sable, the lord high ranger.
It contains a tale;
According to legend this sword was found by Sable Bladetree on one of his first adventures. He was exploring a cave in the southern parts of the land and happened upon an acient and forgotten cavern of the cave. In this cavern he found the long since decayed body of an adventurer. On this body Sable found a sword. At first it was known as the Sword of Larth, but as Sable's fame grew from creating the Ranger guild people began to refer to the sword as the Ranger Sword.
Weapon type: broadsword
Stats: +hpr, +magical damage, sheds light
It looks Heavy (5.5 kg)
Sacvalue: 962k
It is called ranger sword and identified as 'sword' and 'broadsword'.
Made of silver
Size: somewhat small
Quality: great
From: Sable Bladetree, Ranger guild
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown