The Rod of Channeling

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It is a small rod that you can keep in your pocket or hidden in your palm or wherever. It allows you to create private channels so many people from any guild/group/anything can hear what you talk, but no one else will. Type: 'rhelp' for more info.
Stats: A toy as described in the long description and 'rhelp'.
It looks Very light weight (0.300 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called: rod of channeling and identified as 'blitzern_ikioma_rod_id', 'rod' and 'rod of channeling'.
Made of: iron
Size: very small
Quality: poor
From: Santa Claus
Other info:
> rhelp
The Rod of Channeling help:
To create a channel type: channel <name>, where <name> can be
anything you like. To join a channel just type channel <name>
where <name> is the name of an existing channel (case matters).
To see which channel you are on type: channel.
To send a message to the channel type: emit <message>
If you don't write any message it will just show you who are on the
 channel fuu       - create/join channel 'fuu'
 channel           - shows your current channel
 emit hello there  - sends 'hello there' to the channel
 emit              - shows who is on the channel

To turn the channel off type: channel off.
You can be on only one channel at a time and to use these
channels you must possess the Rod.