The Trilloch's cloak

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This simple grey cloak is an apparently seamless garment of a flexible, smooth fabric. It has a loose hood that can be worn over a helmet or hat, but apart from that, the cloak has no other decorative or utilitarian features.
Armour type: great cloak
Stats: +max spr, +2% to all spells, +10% invis, shapechange, restore and lightning bolt (even without the spells)
It looks Heavy (5.760 kg)
Sacvalue: 2175k
It is called cloak and identified as 'long cloak', 'hooded cloak', 'grey cloak', 'trilloch's cloak', 'Trilloch's cloak' and 'great cloak'.
It takes the following slot: Cloak
Made of: neo burlap
Size: average-sized
Quality: divine
From: Trilloch
Other info: Requires one full caster guild to wear. Description changes from 'long grey hooded great cloak' to 'the Trilloch's cloak' once identified.