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The Marine Authority is responsible for keeping track of everyone in the Guild of Sailors, as well as handling all of the administrative paperwork involved in ship management (such as that incurred by purchasing a new ship, hiring a crew, and transferring ownerships). Sailors are grouped into three different groups based on their activities: the law enforcing members of the Navy, the opportunistic and enterprising members of the Merchant Marines, and the rebellious and destructive Brotherhood of Pirates.

Those who to choose life in the Navy devote themselves to enforcing the policies of the Maritime Civility Act, which puts forth codes for intraship and intership activities. This most frequently involves hunting down wanted pirates, and bringing them to justice; as a result, people in the navy are widely regarded as noble defenders of decency wherever they go. The structured living standards enforced by the navy bring about a generally greater sense of a loyalty in the crew. This very adherence to order results in a natural animosity to the opportunistic Merchant Marines; at least the Brotherhood of Pirates respects some sense of structure.

Life in the Merchant Marines is rarely dull for those who know what they are doing. Constantly seeking out the best bargain requires a great deal of travel across the Realms, locating those with a need for goods and matching them up with those who have a surplus. Naturally, the best profits go to those willing to brave the most treacherous landscapes. Public perception of the Merchant Marines is widely varied; some are excited at the prospects of rare goods, while others fear the trouble that invariably follows. Money is what makes the mercantile world go round; accordingly the merchants who make the most money inspire the greatest 'loyalty' in their crew. Pirates are a merchant's worst enemy, plundering (sometimes) hard earned gains from a helpless crew. The benefits of the Navy can not be ignored, although sometimes their rules can be stifling.

Nothing is greater than the freedom of the life of a pirate. You get to go where you please, and take whatever you can from those too stupid to guard their possessions well. Of course, life on the edge can be tiring, but at least it is a non-stop thrill ride like no other. And, being a member of the Brotherhood has its own perks as well. A pirate rules his or her crew through fear... as a result, an inexperienced pirate often has problems controlling the crew. On the other hand, the most treacherous of brigands develops a powerful bond with the crew far beyond the strands of loyalty. The Brotherhood constantly has difficulties trying to keep the Navy bribed and under control. Fortunally, the Merchant Marines tend to be easier to handle, since they are not so bound up in rules and regulations.

You are free to choose your own alignment with the Merchant Authority within a few limits:

  1. Attacking a non-pirate vessel immediately marks you as a pirate
  2. You may only change your alignment once every few days (2 days for Navy and Merchant Marines, 7 for Pirates)
  3. The exception to (2), you may choose to become a pirate at any time.


Your sailor reputation can be seen through your arr level. The stat bonus you get from your branch of the sailors guild is equal to your arr level, all sailors starting out at zero. Pirates can choose between intelligence, dexterity, and strength. Marines can choose between wisdom, dexterity, and constitution. Merchant Navy members can choose between wisdom, intelligence, and charisma. The maximum bonus is thought to be +10. You do not have to be a merchant or a ship builder to advance in the Merchant Navy, your advancement is more related to the quality of your ship and how much you use it, to a maximum amount per day. There are ten things you can do which will make your reputation go up for the day, some are common activities, others almost never done. How long would it take to earn maximum reputation in this way? Three years is the minimum if you get maximum points every day. Assuming the average captain might get five a day by puttering around, that would amount to six years for the rest of us. Marines and Pirates have no limit on how much reputation they can earn a day, but they earn reputation through combat, so there are practical limitations.

List of Arrs:

  1. Clearing your throat, you barely whimper an 'aarrrr.' (+0 stat, 0-199 rep)
  2. A pitiful squeak of an 'aaarrrr' escapes your parched lips. (+1 stat, 200-799 rep)
  3. After a slight grunt, you give a strangled 'Aaarrrrr.' (+2 stat, 800-1799 rep)
  4. Focusing hard, you pull forth a quiet 'AAarrrrr.' (+3 stat, 1800-3199 rep)
  5. Puffing up your chest, you let out a decent 'AAArrrrr.' (+4 stat, 3200-6249 rep)
  6. With the barest of efforts, you bark out a resounding 'AAAARRrrrr.' (+5 stat, 6250-10799)
  7. Eyes blazing, you give forth an undeniable 'AAAARRRrrrrr.' (+6 stat, 10800-17149 rep)
  8. An 'AAAARRRRRrrrr!' bellows out of your throat, strong enough to make hardened warriors tremble! (+7 stat, 17150-25599 rep)
  9. You glare about, and then you let out a piercing 'AAAARRRRRrrrr!!' (+8 stat, 25600-36499 rep)
  10. With a long, low 'AAAARRRRRrrrrrr!!!', you prove that you are not someone to be taken lightly... (+9 stat, 36500-49999 rep)
  11. Drawing youself up, you seem to grow a foot taller as you bellow out an 'AAAARRRRRrrrrrrrr!!!!' that would make even the most legendary of pirates back down!! (+10 stat, 50000+ rep)

'sailor help'

The following commands are available for use (all preceeded by 'sailor'):
  info  - Receive some information about the Marine Authority.
  align - Show your current status with the Marine Authority.
  stat  - Adjust your sailor stat bonus.
  choose <navy/mnavy/pirate> - Change your alignment.
    Note: Some bonuses may be lost if you change alignment.
  credits - Check how many credits you have stored at the Marine Authority.

  ships - List all ships you own.
  ship <shipname> - Specify what your 'current' ship is.
    Note: this setting only matters for those who own more than 1 ship.
  signal [shipname] - Signal your ship to come to you.
  locate [shipname] - Signal your ship to have the crew send its location.
  gangway [dir] - Operate your ship's gangway.

  emotes - List your available emotes.
  guild leave - Remove yourself from the Guild of Sailors.
  shiptasks [num] - View the current tasks for ships.
  shipyard [info/shipquests/jobinfo/check/update/orders/modules]
    - Access some shipyard commands, if you have a shipyard.
  reputation - See your sailor reputation.
You have access to the '<alignment>' channel for sailors.