The bracelets of axidia

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These bracelets are ornately carved and set in each one is a stunning aquamarine gem that seems to glow with its own light. The dull grey metal from which they are forged seems to emit a warmth as you pass your fingers over the carvings. Surely these could not have been forged in the planes of the living.
Armour type: bracelets
Stats: +5% Cast magical & +1-2 Spr
It looks Light weight (0,6 kg)
Sacvalue: 252k - 281k
It is called bracelets of Axidia and identified as 'bracelets' and 'bracelets of axidia'
It takes the following slots: Bracelet & Bracelet
Made of: pewter
Size: extremely small
Quality: poor
From: Axidia, Master of undeads