The breastplate of the clan Amberley (blessed)

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The breastplate of the clan Amberley (blessed) <red glow>
According to legends the breastplate of the clan Amberley was a gift from Aveallis for their eternal service as defenders of the Ritual of Sacrifice. It's crafted from a strange white material that seems fragile when viewed from a distance, but seems to possess a sturdiness seldom seen when felt. The words 'Clan Amberley be praised' are inscribed within it.
Armour type: breastplate
Stats: +10% combat sense, +vastly general protection, +invoke iron will, +self repair special, -vastly spr
It looks Missing weight category (3.960 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.15m
It is called breastplate and identified as 'plate', 'amberley breastplate', 'the breastplate of the clan amberley' and 'breastplate'.
It takes the following slot: Torso
Made of: topaz
Size: average-sized
Quality: superb
From: Henry Amberley, Brimshire